PROXI Healthcare - Replacement Brush Heads for ProxiWave Gum Care Electrical Toothbrush - PROXI Basic [Heads only] - 3Heads *3 Packs

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World 1st Gum Care Tooth Brush

US FDA approved

Designed and Manufactured in Korea

  • 10 million/sec Bio-wave Technology  

  • Achieve dental plaque removal in an innovative way

  • Reduce gum inflammation and help with pain alleviation

  • Eliminate bad breathing effectively

  • Use as a manual brush, light-weighted, no noise 

  • Ideal for everyone, especially for those who have trouble holding a heavy electric toothbrush

    [In the box]

    Replacement Brush Heads for PROXI Gum Care Toothbrush (Brush Heads Only)

    Designed and manufactured in Korea

      Interchangeable brush heads (3 heads/pack * 3 Packs) - 9 Brush Heads 

      • Protect delicate mucous membrane with soft material 

      • Precise brushing with 0.15 pi 

      • Fast drying with the specific arrangement to hygienic maintenance 


      2 Types to Choose From

      Type 1: [Normal Brush] 
       - For dense gums

      Type 2: [Soft Brush]
       - For delicate gums
       - Smooth care between teeth and gums