Product-Related FAQs

When you order European baby formulas from myeuromall.com, you can access high-quality products from trusted European brands that may not be readily available in your local stores. We source our formulas directly from reputable manufacturers in Europe that follow stringent EU regulations.

For powdered formulas, we ship products with at least 6 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery. For liquid formulas, we ensure they have at least 3 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery.

Yes, it is recommended to use cooled, boiled water when preparing infant formula from our powder formulas to eliminate any potential bacteria.

Follow the instructions on the specific formula package precisely for the correct water-to-powder ratio. This ratio is crucial for your baby's nutrition and safety.

While there may be some variations between brands, generally:

  • PRE and Stage 1 formulas are suitable for newborns up to 6 months old.
  • Stage 2 formulas are recommended for babies aged 6 to 10 months.
  • Kindermilch (Toddler Milk) formulas are for children 12 months and older.

No, the baby formulas and other products we sell are not treated with irradiation.

All milk formula products are sourced from Germany, while other products are sourced from Europe.

Both HiPP PRE and Stage 1 formulas are designed for newborns up to 6 months old. However, there are differences in their ingredients. PRE formulas do not contain starch. Stage 1 formulas may contain a small amount of starch, providing a greater sense of satiety for full-term babies.

Our formulas use high-quality ingredients like lactose, vegetable oils, and vitamins/minerals. Full ingredients are listed on the packaging.

Yes, our formulas are certified organic by European Union standards.

Please refer to our return and refund policy on the website for detailed information regarding returns and exchanges.

We do not currently offer a subscription service for regular formula deliveries.

Yes, we offer discounted pricing tiers for larger, bulk formula orders. Contact us for a quote.

Shipping-Related FAQs

The total shipping time is approximately 14 days. You can check the detailed shipping status through our One-Click Tracking service.

Yes, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. However, please note that tracking updates will only begin once your order has completed customs clearance in the United States and has been handed over to the carrier (UPS) for final delivery.

You can easily track your order status using our one-click delivery system. Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking link. Just click that link to see where your package is at every step, from the warehouse to out for delivery at your doorstep. Our one-click system provides total visibility into your delivery progress.

Tracking information may not be available immediately after shipping. Updates will only appear once your shipment has cleared customs in the US and has been given to UPS for domestic delivery.

Tracking updates may experience delays due to various reasons, including customs processing and shipping transit times. Please allow some additional time, and if you have concerns, feel free to reach out to our customer support for further assistance.

Shipping Policy

We only ship orders within the continental United States at this time.

Shipping is free for all orders that include infant formula products. If you purchase formula along with non-formula items, shipping is also free. For orders containing only non-formula items, free shipping applies if your total purchase is $150 or more.

No, you do not need to pay any customs duties or taxes. Our store covers these charges.

Return and Refund

Please contact us with photos of any damaged items within 5 days of delivery for a free replacement or refund.

Contact us within 24 hours, so we can investigate this issue.

If your order hasn't shipped yet, please contact our customer support team as soon as possible with your order details.

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