Biocutin Hair Regulator - 500ml

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Biocutin Hair Regulator - 500ml / 16.9 fl.oz

Tonic for supporting hair growth

The Biocutin Hair Regulator is also in this year our best-selling product.
Customers all over the world use the special impact of the Biocutin hair growth tonic.
Get to know the benefits of this extraordinary hair care product:

The hair regulator contains a unique ingredient combination of valuable ingredients. Dull, brittle hair and dandruff are signs of scalp imbalance. Hair loss and unpleasant itching are the results. Through the cell-stimulating active oxygen ozonide AOO and hair-care substances, the scalp is regulated, the hair roots strengthened, and the hair can regrow healthily. The natural structure of the hair is restored.

Main ingredients: Menthol, whitewash extract, thymus extract, inositol, placental protein, collagen, keratin, panthenol, and active oxygen ozonide AOO

Application: As a treatment, apply 4-6 pipette fillings in the morning and evening after washing or on a dry scalp and massage in lightly. You will have visible results in 4–6 weeks.