Biocutin Hair Shampoo Concentrate - Stressed - 1000ml

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Biocutin - Hair Shampoo Concentrate - Stressed - 1000ml / 33.8 fl.oz

The shampoo for regeneration and rejuvenation

The Biocutin Shampoo Concentrate damaged - dyed gives hair suppleness and long-lasting color freshness. Due to the adjusted pH value, the hair retains the color. To regenerate brittle and fragile areas of fine hair, we use the all-rounder keratin. This repairs the hair and forms a layer that protects it from mechanical influences such as combing and blow-drying. Valuable ingredients of almonds, witch hazel, wheat, and corn sustain the scalp and hair. The hair receives new shine, more fullness, and an improved bounce. It looks strong and healthy.

Main ingredients: plant-based keratin, almond protein, witch hazel extract, coconut glucosides, and active oxygen ozonide AOO

Recommendation: For follow-up care use Biocutin Conditioner Oxygen Finish.

Suitable for: stressed and porous hair, which structure is damaged because of chemical treatments, seawater, and sun.