DENTINOX - nenedent® Children’s Toothpaste with Fluoride - 50 ml

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Gentle Care for Strong Protection

Threefold protection against tooth decay.

nenedent® children’s toothpaste with fluoride is geared to the special needs of children, offering end-to-end protection with its ingredients tailored to milk teeth.

The 500 ppm fluoride it contains hardens the thin dental enamel of the milk teeth and the high content of xylitol (13%) has been proved to inhibit the growth of caries bacteria. The enamel of milk teeth is thin, only one-third as thick as the enamel of the permanent teeth. But it does not become any thicker over the course of the milk teeth years. In addition, it has a pleasant raspberry-strawberry-peppermint aroma that gets your child quickly accustomed to cleaning their teeth regularly.

Product benefits:

500 ppm fluoride
13% xylitol
Silica gel as abrasive
Neutral pH value
Taste suitable for children
Free of sodium lauryl sulfate, saccharin, and preservatives