EILLES - tea bag deluxe - Apple Fruits - 25 pieces

by Eilles
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EILLES - tea bags deluxe - Apple Fruits - 25 pieces

( Eilles Teebeutel Deluxe Apfel Früchte 25 Stück )

Summer-ripened apples with a sunny, full aroma provide the taste for this extraordinarily fruity tea, which also tastes heavenly when ice-cold. 


The tea bag deluxe line from EILLES with its elegant foil bag packaging is ideal as a gift! The elegant presentation of the design and, above all, the special foil represent a head start over the usual paper envelopes in which normal tea bags are packed. This way, the tea remains particularly aroma-safe and tastes fresher than you expect!

They are delivered in a display box with 25 portions (62.5g), from which you can easily remove bag by bag.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, rosehip peel, apples, flavor, orange peel, elderberry