Giuseppe Giusti - 4 Gold Medals "Quarto Centenario" - Champagnottina (with Box) - 100ml

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4 Gold Medals Champagnottina "Quarto Centenario" - Condiment with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (with Box)


Born for the celebration of the 400 years of the Giusti family production, the “Quarto Centenario” is a dressing of extreme fullness, deeply aromatic, with scents of ripe fruits, accompanied by notes of tobacco, roasted coffee, and hints of wood, thanks to its long ageing.

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, aged wine vinegar

Aging: In series of antique small casks, dating back to the 1800s. Extracted once a year in a limited quantity

How to use

Ideal for: Caprese, sauces and slow-cooked stews, matured cheeses and pasta, fruit salad and desserts


About Giuseppe Giusti - Historical Collection

The most exemplary and representative collection from the Giusti Acetaia. Still today Giusti uses the first historical label, designed in the early 1900’s according to the liberty style of that time, and visually represents a collection of the accolades obtained by Giusti in that era. The bottle used originally was the bottle for the Lambrusco wine of Modena: the “Champagnotta”. The collection includes five prducts of different recipes and ageing developed throughout the generations. Today, they are classified with a progressive number of medals, chosen from the medals collected at the International Fairs of the 19th century. Today the offer includes not only the bottle “Champagnotta” but also “Cubica” and the “Champagnottina”, which reproduce the historical bottle in a smaller size.