Lund London - Skittle Bottle Mini - 300ml - White and dark grey

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Weight: 0.49 kg / 1.08 lbs

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 29.5 cm


Care Instructions


We recommend that you clean your Skittle Bottle regularly, to keep your bottle fresh, wash with warm water and soap after every use. Avoid keeping your bottle and lid in water for long periods of time as this may affect the vacuum seal losing its insulation properties. After washing your bottle, it can be dried by storing it out upside down with the lid off. The outside of your Skittle bottle will stay condensation free and remain at room temperature.

Do’s and Don’ts

✓ Wash your Skittle bottle before first use

✓ Your Skittle bottle can store hot drinks or soups for 12 hours

✓ Your Skittle bottle can store your cold drinks for 24 hours

✓ Your Skittle bottle will keep your drinks fizzy

✓ Your Skittle bottle is BPA, PVC & Phthalates Free

✓ Your Skittle bottle is suitable for ice-cubes

✓ Your Skittle bottle is leakproof

✓ Your Skittle bottle is condensation free

X  Your Skittle bottle is not Dishwasher Safe as it may damage the Vacuum seal

X  Your Skittle bottle is not Microwave Safe as metals react dangerously when microwaved

X  Your Skittle bottle is not recommended for Fridge/Freezer as it may damage the Vacuum seal

X  Don’t overfill your Skittle bottle

X  Your Skittle bottle isn’t intended for long-term food or liquid storage