Mariage Freres - Paris Singapore - Tin 100g

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 Country of Origin  France


Mellow green tea - Jardin Premier
refreshing & soothing

This floral green tea laced with flowers, lemon balm, mint, lemon grass, verbena, and morsels of citrus zest hearkens back to the centuries-old herbal apothecaries of Singapore.

A beautiful hint of vanilla adds a classy twist to a sophisticated opening of anise, both sweet and floral.

Each cup is infused in the soul of Paris and the charms of Singapore.

Bon voyage !


Herbal tea / Mint / Scented Tea / Flower / Green Tea


Icône® - Tea in a black canister
A black classical sealed canister containing 100 g of tea

Preparation Tip

3g per 20 cl - 85°C ( 185 F) - 4 mins