Nesti Dante - ROMANTICA Tuscan Wisteria & Lilac Bar Soap 250g

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Enjoy a moment of pure bliss with the Nesti Dante Romantica Tuscan Wisteria and Lilac Soap, an invigorating cleanser to transport your mind and body to a place of peaceful tranquillity.

Lose yourself in the delight of Tuscany’s most enchanting fragrances with wisteria and lilac, a powerful combination of refined beauty and sumptuous cleansing. The magical allure of wisteria transforms your bath time into a moment of pleasure, invigorating your body with an elegant, energizing essence.

The formulation of whole neutral vegetable fats and raw materials enriches your skin with moisture and hydration, ensuring your skin feels beautifully soft with every use.

Net Weight: 250g / 8.8 oz

How to use: Work into wet hands then massage the soap bar to create a sumptuous lather. Massage all over your body, then rinse. Keep the soap in a clean, dry place after use to preserve its longevity.

100% biodegradable. Dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals.